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Post from my iPhone!

So my iPhone has been working well since I got it out of brick mode. The app store is up and running. WordPress has an app out along with typepad. I’ve been toying with both and loving it. I’ll be able to post on my blog anywhere now. This is just a tryout post. I’ll try to get an interesting topic up soon. Until then!



Apple’s First Downfall

Well I’m sure many, if not all, have heard the news of the iPhone 3G fiasco.  It’s clearly hard to say if this is Apple’s downfall, or AT&T’s downfall, or if it is a combination of the two.  From other sources Apple is announceing that it is their servers that are “down” for the moment.  This is the cause of the many people swarming to the Apple or AT&T stores this morning to purchase their new iPhone 3G.  At the stores customers were asked to wait to have their phone activated there and all started out well until things started going a bit slower.  Now nothing can be done.  It seems we are still able to download the new version of iTunes (7.7) but plugging in your iPhone can be dangerous.  I learned that this morning when I woke up, plugged in my iPhone, downloaded and installed firmware 2.0.  All went well and smooth.  It went through the process of backing up my iPhone and then restoring the firmware and then boom, a sudden crash.  When I plug in my iPhone it tries to connect to the iTunes store and says that it is down.  My iPhone is now and iBrick.  Sources say that Apple is working hard on fixing this problem.  I am hoping my iPhone can be fixed by today.  I was afraid that something like this would happen.  This new iPhone 3G has been released in 21 countries so that is clearly a lot of people wanting to get the new phone and firmware.  I hope that Apple will clearly remember this day and be prepared for the launch of the next phone, if there will be one to come in the future.