New iPod Nano 4G pictures released, looks the same as Kevin Rose’s pictures!

A couple of days ago some new pictures were released showing new covers and iSkins for the iPod Nano 4G.  From the looks of things they are identical to the picture that Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, Pownce, and Revision 3, had posted on his blog.

It seems Apple is going away from the squareish, fat looking Nano and going back to  a similar older version.  The difference is that the screen is longer, giving it that wide screen feel if you watch a movie on it.  Also the screen is like a curved glass look on it.  Everything new with Apple seems to have this “curve” look on it.  I’m ready to see one in person to get a better feel of it.  Am I thrilled about it?  Not really.  We’ll see what else Apple has coming for us here in a couple of weeks.  I believe the rumored date for Apple’s September upldates is September 9th.

For more info on this keep checking, and!

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