Let’s Rock!

Today is the day many have been waiting for!  Apple has released their new line up of iPods and released the iTunes 8.0.  

To start off, the Shuffle has been updated with four new colors and still come in 1 or 2 GB for $49 or $69.

The nano’s have the huge update.  Apple is calling this update the “nano-chromatic”.  People can now choose between 9 different colors in the nano line.  There are 8 or 16 GB models.  The rumors that Kevin Rose had leaked seem to be true.  The nano’s have a new look.  They are designed to work well with wide screen display.  They have a feature to where you “shake” the actual iPod and it will shuffle to a new song.  I don’t know how well this will work out or how sensitive it is.  Also the new “Genius” feature in iTunes 8.0 has been applied to all the new iPods.  The price range for these are $149 or $199.  Also they have 24 battery life for music and 4 hours for video when fully charged.

The iPod classic is now in just a 120 GB model only.  Still comes in the white or black model.  Prices at $249.  It seems that’s about it for the Classic.  Doesn’t have the “Shake” feature, which was originally rumored to be in the shuffle but like I stated above, is in the Nano which is what is very interesting to me.  The iPod classic does have a 36 hour battery life which is very nice.

The iPod Touch is still in the 8, 16 or 32 GB models.  The rumored 64 model was false, or maybe sometime later in the year or next year.  The 8 and 16 are both priced at $299 which is very, very surprising.  Why would Apple price them the same or is this an error?  The 32 is priced at $399.  The Touch has a new look to it.  It has a polished stainless steal design.  Apple is calling this the “funnest iPod ever”.  I don’t know how that will play out with the price range it has.  

So that’s the lineup there.  Not a huge price change that I was hoping for.  I think the 8 GB Touch should be 199 and the 16 249 and the 32 349.  I feel that would have been a little bit better.  Why pay 299 for a iPod touch when you can pay 199 for an iPhone.  But I believe the main focus is on saleing the iPod Nano’s with their new features.  

I think I may get an 8 GB nano and check it out.  I do have an original iPod Classic video but it is old and scratched up and it’d be nice to have a new iPod even though I don’t really need it since I mainly use my iPhone for all my music and such.

I did install iTunes 8.0 and it seems to be working well now.  I do like the Genius feature.  With the Genius sidebar all you need to do is select one song and the sidebar will bring up more songs by the same artist or songs from artist that have a similar music style that you may like.  It has the price right there and the “buy” button to make a fast purchase.  I don’t really care for the Grid view.  I like it “ok” but I usually stick to standard view.  I do like the updated Visualizer.  They lights, color’s and effects are pretty amazing.  The iTunes store now has HD TV shows and specials on a lot of my favorite shows like LOST or Grey’s Anatomy.  So overall, the new iTunes is a great update.  

Also, the new iPod Touch have the firmware 2.1 installed on them.  I haven’t seen what is featured in this but if I do find what it is I will post about it.  No news on when the iPhone will be getting the 2.1 update.

That’s all the big Apple news for today.  I’m more excited about October when they are suppose to release the new MacBook/MacBook Pro lineup.  I am hoping for a really new price change here even though I know it won’t happen.

Thanks to Kevin Rose for all the rumors.  Thanks to Digg and Gizmodo for some updates.  And thanks to Apple for all their great gadgets!

Keep on blogging!




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