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My Inspirations and Why

Here a few of my inspirations that motivate me to want to be the best at whatever I decide to do in my life and why they are.

Donald Trump:  Everyone should know who Trump is.  Trump is the definition of excellence.  He is a clear example from a line from Jay-Z stating, I’m not a business man.  I’m a business, man.  He strives for perfection in whatever he does and he gets the job done right.  He is a great leader and is someone I would like to meet in person.

Mike Shinoda:  I am a huge Linkin Park fan.  Mike Shinoda is by far my favorite rapper/vocalist.  His lyrics seem to relate to me more than any other song writer.  Shinoda is also a great artist.  His major in college was art, more on the lines of painting.  He has moved to the blog world and is an avid blogger who posts daily.  His art work and music motivate me throughout each day.  

Kevin Rose:  I first discovered Kevin Rose on Tech TV, which I discovered from my best friend.  At the time, I didn’t know much about Kevin.  Soon after Tech TV was cancelled, Kevin released Digg.  That’s when I started following what he was up to.  Kevin has created Digg, Pounce, and Revision3.  He has put himself out there and has become very successful at it.  He is the host of the podcast show Diggnation.  I think he is a huge inspiration because he is a few years older than me but has accomplished a great deal.  He is quickly gaining more and more experience and I’m sure he will develop more great Web Apps, or anything dealing with Technology in the future.

Derek Johnson:  Derek is the Founder/CEO of Tatango.  Derek is a year older than I am.  He started working on Tatango when he was in college and decided to drop out to spend more time on it.  At the time it was called Network Text but soon changed to Tatango, soon to be Tatango, Inc.  I think it is great that someone my age is out there working hard and accomplishing their goals and dreams.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with Derek and he is an extremely nice guy and has a lot of great advice.  I look forward to future talks with Derek and hopefully getting to meet him one day.

Gary Vaynerchuk:  I have been following Gary for a few months now.  Gary is the hose of WineLibraryTV.  Gary is full of energy and loves to be social.  He is one of my biggest inspirations at the moment.  His energy and what he has to say drive me to want to be great at whatever idea I have.  Gary took over his families wine business at 17 and grew it to a multi million dollar business.  Gary is very passionate and I believe that everyone can learn something from him.


So there you go.  These people are great motivations to me and I would love to meet them in real life.  To be honest, I would be happy to work for any of these people.  They keep me passionate on what I love and help my ideas grow and grow.

Who is your inspiration?  Who motivates you?